Voyeur Furniture curates and collects eclectic furniture from all eras and all places. Sometimes antique or just a little vintage, sometimes good as new. Founders Bette and Gijs love to go on a hunt and will make sure to bring back something special.

You will find your favorite design icons but we also cheer for the less known. We believe that objects deserve longer lives than they normally get. The planet agrees. And, aren’t we all perfect just because of our imperfections?

Our first location, Kaosz Atelier, opened in 2020 in Amsterdam Noord. Voyeur by Kaosz opened roughly a year later in De Pijp. Both locations are open daily by appointment.

We are looking forward to having you!

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Do you have opening hours?
No, we are flexibly open by appointment. Don’t hesitate to contact us or make an appointment.

Is everything you sell vintage?
Most things we sell are vintage or second hand. Some items have barely been used, some are here longer dan we are. Rarely we sell new objects.

Can I return my purchase?
Only if you purchased online. Objects that have been viewed in one of our stores cannot be returned after purchase. We have furniture we want to get rid of / sell.

Would you buy my object?
We just might! We buy items that fit our collection at that moment. Please send some photos and your offer via WhatsApp to +31202157433.

Do you ship internationally?
You can arrange shipment via shiply.com or pickthisup.com. Please contact us in advance to make arrangements. We will wrap your item well!

Do you deliver?
No. You can use Brenger.nl or other services. For smaller items, contact us and we might be able to drop it off at your place.

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Do you fix imperfections?
We always choose what we do to make an item good enough to sell. If you want to have more done, we are always open to find a solution and contact our upholsterer.

How do I know an item is in good shape?
We always check our items and make sure that they are ready to use, with or without imperfections. Note that you buy an item as is. Most things are used, so make sure to get a good look before your purchase.

Is delivery at my own risk?
Yes. We don’t have a delivery service yet, so we cannot be held responsible for another company’s service.

Do you wrap items before pick-up?
We try to use as little plastic as possible, so preferably not. If you bring some blankets that will work even better. However, if you do feel like you need wrapping, let us know and we will wrap your item.
For international shipments we do wrap your item.

I have an item that needs to be reupholstered. Can I come to you?
We do not do reupholstering ourselves. We can help you where to go with your item though!

Is my dog allowed in your shop?
Yes. If he can be friends with people and furniture he is very welcome.